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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Make money from internet

Blogging is basically writing an online journal (or blog) where in you can pen down your ideas, opinions, thoughts and every thing you can think of.

The moves that you can do are:

a) Setup and Host A Blog

Unlike a website you can set up a blog and hosted for free. If you don't have computer then Blogger.com is the first hosting company to be considered. It is first very easy to set up and maintain and secondly Google owns Blogger.com and they visit web pages on their servers very often and fast, compared to a website. There are also other possibilities to host your blog one. Wordpress.com or Moveable Type.com, but you will need more computer skills to install your blog on these hosts.

b) Advantages of a Blog in Comparison to a Website

There are many advantages of a blog above a website, except it's easy to setup and free. You can put every thing in your blog: from a couple of lines what it is on your mind or your new article just published elsewhere, or a product review. In principle, a blog is the same as a website, but you will need to update more frequently to get the visitors to your site. A major advantage of a blog here above a website to getting major search engines like Google and Yahoo to visit your blog frequently is a technique called "pinging". It's a method of notifying all of the major search engines and blog directories, each time that you have updated your blog. The search engines will come and to take a look at your blog, thereby increasing traffic to your blog. If you link your blog to your websites, the search engines will follow the links from the blog pointing to your sites. This will help the search engine rankings of your sites as well!

c) How to Make Money with a Blog?

You can monetize your blog by creating a blog on a topic people are searching for and that they are spending money on. Do some research of niches based upon pay-per-click advertisers (e.g. Google Adwords) are willing to spend their advertising money on.

Adding Google AdSense ads on my blogs is a good way to make money from your blog. Simply insert these ads in the menu bar and other strategic places on

Your blog page. You could also consider other paid advertising on your blog.

Advertise affiliate products in your blog. You could register for an affiliate for free at companies like Clickbank, PayDotCom.com or Commission Junction. Choose products that you would like to promote and incorporate links on your blog.

In conclusion, blogging is an effective method to make money online, and above all it is free. It should be considered by some one who is new in internet marketing and by who have been in internet marketing for a significant period to improve the business from their websites.

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The other ways that you can do with internet are:

1. Online invest

This way contains risk and need start-up capital to be able to get profit. To invest in online x'self also need studying time, experience and must follow rule of new investment then can enjoy profit in the end. Many netters beyond the sea living by investment of this online and usually them which have been long enough dabble or which have been experienced in this area.

Excess: easy way to get advantage because doesn't require any expertise of having capital

Insuffiency: loss potency (losing of capital) if not bewared of in invests in because many deceptive investment or fails payee even bankrupt because wrong managed or wrong of management

Production: variety depended from investment capital value and profit promised

2. Becomes internet trader

This way also enough effective for diligent and which learning hobby trading currency ( Forex) because if netter until becomes expert trading, production which in earning also able to very height and can get hundreds of finite tens of thousand dollars per week or per month. When now there is many media providing free trading to learn and even can get free money for trading in fact as in Marketiva.

3. Makes site for advertisement, affiliate and promotion and online marketing

This is way of can be spelled out members most effective in making a living in internet and free of risk because netter need site only either free and or paying as free media 24 hours to present advertisement like Google Adsense or makes its (the site as affiliate for sales promotion of goods from other site like affiliate with Amazon (sites book sale) where netter can get commission from every book bought by other netter entering through? via link from site.

Excess: free of risk and easy to be done

Insuffiency: netter need time to make sites and need knowledge for the purpose and must often -update sites so that often is visited other netter

Income: depended from amounts “hit" (netter visiting sites) per day example site: adsense.com – amazon.com